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This is Zakynthos

spectacular beaches, incredible mountainous views

Getting Here

An indulgence. This is what staying in the Lesante blu hotel is all about. Distinguished services. A personalised approach. Unparalleled gourmet experiences. Healing voyages of the body and the mind at the Lesante spa. Your five star holiday experience is guaranteed. Find out for yourself what a dream holiday is truly about.

Via Land

Kilini port on the mainland of Greece is the main harbor going to Zakynthos. The passage takes just 75 minutes and ferries runs very frequently. Driving from Athens, the capital of Greece, to the port of Kilini is a three hour trip. Athens is on your way if coming from the southern Aegean islands or Crete. Driving from Patras, the largest city nearby, to the port of Kilini is an hour trip. Patras is on your way coming from central or northern Greece. From the harbor of Zakynthos it is a 15 minutes drive to Lesante Blu Exclusive Beach Resort.

Via Sea

From Pessada, on the neighboring island of Kefalonia, a ferry sails to the port of Agios Nikolaos on Zakynthos. The passage takes about 90 minutes and runs twice a day. From the harbor of Agios Nikolaos to Lesante Blu it is a 45 minutes drive. From Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia, a ferry sails to the port of Zakynthos town. The passage takes about 120 minutes and runs twice per week. From Brindisi, Italy, a ferry sails directly to the port of Zakynthos town. This service operates only during the months of July and August. From Italy (Venice, Ancona, Brindisi and Bari) many ferries operate frequent services to Patras. Patras acts as an international ferry hub from/to Italy, Albania and Croatia. The harbor of Patras is also the center to sail to and from all other Ionian islands. Traveling from Patras to Zakynthos takes a drive and a ferry passage via Kilini port. The harbors of Kavos and Zakynthos town are ideal for anchoring yachts, sailing boats or private vessels. From both ports it is a 10 minutes drive to Lesante Blu Exclusive Beach Resort.

Via Air

From Athens airport (ATH) there are daily flights connecting the newly built Zakynthos International Airport (ZTH). From Thessaloniki (SKG), with stopovers on the islands of Corfu (CFU), Lefkada (PVK) and Kefalonia (EFL), flights run twice per week. From most European countries (including Russia and Israel) direct flights operate to Zakynthos. The island receives charter flights, scheduled flights and low cost carriers. Since 2010 EasyJet offers direct flights from / to London Gatwick (LGW). The airport also facilitates cargo, cessna's, private jets and helicopters. From the airport of Zakynthos to Lesante Blu Exclusive Beach Resort is a 15 minutes drive.


The vibrant turquoise colour of the sea is Zante’s most famous attribute. Yet, not the only one. Sunshine all day long, picturesque shores and the island’s spirited heart form a unique holiday experience that starts and ends at the beautiful beaches. Whether you enjoy being at the centre of it all, visiting a popular beach or whether a peaceful more secluded option is ideal for you, Zante has it all. Start your exploration today.

Tsivili Beach

A few steps away from your Lesante room (about 80 metres), is Tsivili beach. Awarded with the Blue Flag, the beach encompasses soft gold sand, crystal clear waters and a positive energy among all of its guests. A popular choice for all Zante explorers, it is guarantees a day under the sun that has it all: relaxation, swimming, socialising.

Next to Tsivili beach is Planos beach, known for its picturesque harbour. Here you can hire a boat to take you to the magical blue caves and the famous Shipwreck beach. Otherwise, you can just chill out and enjoy the beautiful view of the fishing boats coming in at daybreak. The beach also offers a great variety of activities. Sports lovers will be happy to discover: Jet-ski, pedal boats, banana rides, parasailing, scuba diving, and so much more here.

Makris Gialos

This small beach will become one of your favourites. Beautiful, concealed by cliffs and small caves, all of the natural elements create the perfect scenery for relaxation all day long under Zante’s sun. Swim to the caves and admire their beauty up-close –a must see for all adventurers. Bigger caves found near the area, can be explored by hiring one of the local boats.

Gerakas and Dafni

The scenery in Zante varies but is always beautiful. The east side of the peninsula of Vassilikos is home to the National Marine Park that protects the Caretta-caretta turtle –absolutely worth a visit. In this area you will find the beaches of Gerakas and Dafni. Well known by all sports lovers, here you will have the chance to enjoy snorkeling or admire those who do. The beach of Gerakas is located nearby. Sandy, peaceful and free-spirited –no facilities or beach bars around- the beach will be your tranquility haven. Embrace the perfect setting and enjoy swimming under the sun all day long.

Agios Nikolaos

At the end of the peninsula of Vassilikos, lies Agios Nikolaos beach. It is here that the summer sports ‘community’ gathers since the beach provides a great variety of activities such as scuba diving, jet skiing, wind surfing, parasailing and snorkeling. Yet, the secret of this beach is a path just behind the chapel of Saint Nicholas. Walk along to reach to reach a long sandy beach called Plaka –also known as Banana beach due to its shape! Admire the Ionian sea and relax until late at night.

Porto Zorro or Azzuro

Port Zorro, located on the north side of the peninsula of Vassilikos, is host to trendy bars that attract lots of party lovers. Music, cocktails and dancing last until late at night or even until sunrise!

If you do not join the beach party, you can simply admire the view to the sea. Porto Zorro offers a unique scenery. Giant rocks emerging from the sea, are the perfect surroundings for authentic Mediterranean holidays.

Kalamaki and Crystal

These two beaches are extremely clean thanks to the volunteers of the Sea Turtle Protection Society, who take good care of it. It is popular mostly due to the fact that the waters remain shallow for a long way out, thus making it a safe swimming place for children of all ages.

Going past the river next to Kalamaki beach you will find the famous Laganas beach. If party-time is on your cards, then Laganas is the spot for you.


Here, the crystal blue of the waters meets the vibrant green of the trees. Small, secluded and pebbled, Marathia beach is as an authentic Greek beach as it can get. Its remoteness pulls only the real explorers, who dare to discover less popular beach choices. Explore the area and let your steps lead you to a near-by, very small beach that offers to you a stunning view over the uninhabited island of Marathonisi.


Prepare to be amazed. Xigia is a secluded beach located among big rocks. The turquoise waters –Zante’s most famous asset- also can be enjoyed here. Relax, enjoy the free-spirited essence and embrace the exotic view. At Xigia beach you can completely rejuvenate yourself thanks to the water’s healing qualities. The natural spring waters that flow into the sea from the beach caves are filled with sulphur, which is a therapeutic spa for your body and mind. Swimming here is a one-of-a-kind experience, body and mind wise.

Koukla and Kamina

Cosmopolitan, gorgeous and well-organised. Both of these two beaches are a must-see during your holidays in Zante. And it could not be otherwise since “Koukla” in Greek means “beautiful”.

Turquoise waters, sandy beaches and a spectacular view to the sea, will make your day very rewarding.

Yet the secret of this particular area lies on the shore. Explore the nature that surrounds the beaches to discover the oldest olive trees of Zante. They have stood tall, magnificent and proud for more than a thousand years.

Ambula and Psarou

The Blue Flag has been awarded to both Ambula and Psarou. The first one is a small, picturesque beach, mostly sandy yet with some pebbled spots. Organised facilities and a variety of activities on site, satisfy all types of visitors.

Psarou beach, a few kilometres further on, is a favourite spot among the locals. Sandy, secluded –only accessible by a small road- and with shallow waters, it is the perfect place for a family-oriented day on the beach.


Zante is loved by all because it offers everything. It combines spectacular beaches and incredible mountainous views. Here you can find secluded shores to relax, or you can party all day and all night long in cool beach bars. Zante offers a little bit of everything. Explore everything it has to offer to fully capture the island’s spirit and experience a traditional Greek summer holiday.

Shipwreck Beach

This is the reason you came to Zante. And truly it is a good one. The ‘Shipwreck’ beach, also known as “Navagio”, is one of the most famous Greek beaches in the world. The wreck of an old smugglers’ ship rests amongst the golden sand. According to the locals, the shipwreck’s story began in 1980 when the ship called ‘Panagiotis’, carrying a freight of contraband cigarettes, while being pursued by the Greek Navy, encountered stormy weather. The ship ran aground in a shallow cove on the north-west coast of the island, with the crew abandoning ship.

The shipwreck lies gracefully on the beach to this day. The turquoise waters that embrace it together with the gold sand create a charming image, one that you will never forget.

Tip: Reach the beach by boat from Porto Vromi or Agios Nikolaos.

Caretta Caretta Turtles

From June till mid September, during the night time, these cute creatures rush to the shore where they lay about 100 eggs each into the sand. The breeding ground is only to be found on the dry part of the sandy beaches around the bay of Lagana. After two months, the eggs hatch and the tiny hatchlings make their way to the sea. For the protection of this natural process, numerous beaches are closed at night and guarded by volunteers of the Sea Turtle Protection Society.

It is not easy to spot the Caretta-caretta turtles since they are very vulnerable and easily frightened by noise and bright lights. To view them up close, take one of the organised tours starting their voyage to the world of Caretta-caretta, from the port of Agios Sostis or Porto Koukla.

Blue Caves

A journey to Zante is never complete without an exploration of the famous Blue caves. Situated on the northern tip of the island, near the port of Agios Nikolaos, these natural arches and water-caves that have been cut out by tides over thousands of years, form a distinguished image of the kingdom of the sea. Swim and explore the caves one by one –a one-of-a-kind experience. Snorkeling and diving are also suggested so that you will fully capture the carefree water essence.

Marathonisi Island

It may be uninhabited yet it is precious. Admiring Marathonisi island from afar you are presented with a surprising fact: its shape resembles a turtle! Maybe this is why the Marathonisi beach is also the place where Caretta-caretta turtles choose to breed. Due to the Caretta-caretta presence, the island is part of the National Marine Park, thus guarded by volunteers that protect the growth of the turtle population.

The other side of the island hosts tiny exotic beaches, ideal places for swimming and total relaxation under the sun. Hire a small boat and anchor in the caves where from you need to dive and swim in order to reach the hidden beaches. The remoteness of the island offers crystal clear waters and peacefulness like no other.

Tip: To discover Marathonisi –located just off the coast of Laganas bay- you need to rent a boat from Porto Koukla.

Zante Town

The island’s capital -called Zakynthos- has 15,000 residents. Vibrant and modern, the city has managed to preserve the traditional spirit of the past, visible in the main squares of Saint Marcus and Solomos. Exploring the city centre you will find traditional picturesque shops owned by the locals, full of homemade food and handcrafted items. Stroll down the main shopping street of Alexandra Roma and enjoy some much needed shopping therapy.

The ruins of the Venetian fortress lie above town, overlooking Zante’s harbour. The fortress is called Kastro, which means castle in Greek, and adds to the city’s charm with a view of the past.

Walking around the city you will find a mix of modern and traditional buildings. The 1953 earthquake that shook the island was the reason for the reconstruction of lots of areas of the capital. This is why today, the architecture of Zante’s capital is a unique mix of the traditional and the contemporary, blending both spirits into one –very charming indeed.

Keri Caves

The gorgeous coastline of the Keri peninsula –located on the south west of Zante, will win your heart over at first sight. It will take you more than that though to fully appreciate its beauty. Rent a boat and sail around it to explore the caves, the dark tunnels and the sealife inside. Reaching the shores, you will be able to find some of the most secluded and quiet beaches of Zante island (ideal for snorkeling and diving). Walk about the beaches and explore nature’s beauty. While relaxing in the water do not be surprised if you spot a monk seal swimming next to you! Zakynthos is the only place in the Mediterranean region where monk seals are still to be found.

If you visit the beach with your loved one, do not miss out on exploring the two giant rocks called ‘Mitzitres’ up close. According to the local legends, if you go there with your loved one and you look into each other eyes while passing between the rocks, you will stay together forever.

Mountainous Region

The island’s east side offers a gorgeous mountainous experience that can make for an exciting road trip. Picturesque villages such as Loucha, dark green forests full of pine trees, high cliffs offering stunning views of the island and the precious sounds only mountain’s nature can form, create an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Tip: Rent a car to stop and explore each spot for as long as you want to.

Protected Marine Park

Laganas bay has been a National Marine park since 1999, in order for the endangered Caretta-caretta turtle to be protected. That’s why the bay has been split up into several nautical zones, where fishing is banned and speed limits are extra strict. On the southeast side even more strict rules apply, with all vessel activities being prohibited. In total, six beaches are completely controlled by the Sea Turtle Protection Society, meaning the visitors should respect certain rules during their stay.

Tip: Find out more about the rules to each beach, from the explanatory signs at their entrance.

Cultural Sights

Zante’s proud historical past is visible all around you. Amazing architectural monuments are still an integral part of the island, contributing greatly to its charm. Many important historical figures have lived here, such as Dionysios Solomos who composed the Greek national anthem. Discover the majestic stories of the past in every street and every corner and discoverl a nostalgic Zakynthian journey to its charming past.

Church of Saint Dionysios

Walk to the city centre of Zante’s capital and you will be amazed to find the beautiful Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Dionysios. Dating from 1708 it is dedicated to the patron saint of Zante island, Saint Dionysios. The church attracts lots of visitors for its architectural magnificence as well as for the fact that Saint Dionysios relics –which are considered sacred- have been kept here since 1717. The Saint, famous for his miracles that cured the sick, is being celebrated twice a year by the locals by displaying his ‘healing’ relics.

Solomos and Kalvos Museum

Zante has nurtured two of the most famous poets in Greece. Solomos and Kalvos. Their rich heritage can be admired at the museum, which displays a grand collection of manuscripts and lots of personal objects. The museum acts also as a mausoleum, since the graves of the two poets are found on its ground floor. When visiting the museum, do not miss out on exploring the other exhibits. The themes vary, presenting exhibits from the Byzantine era together with interesting archaeological and folklore objects found on Zante island.

Post-Byzantine Museum

The Post-Byzantine museum is one of the buildings that was built right after the earthquake of 1953. A day here is a marvelous journey into the past by viewing important ecclesiastical items, post-Byzantine icons up close, and wooden works of art as well as wood carvings dating from the 16th century. Yet the journey does not stop here, since the museum offers a glimpse of the development of Greek art evolution starting from the Byzantine era and ending in 21st century. The museum is located on Solomos Square in Zakynthos town.

Helmis Natural History Museum

Our world is privileged with spectacular beauty. Get a glimpse of nature’s greatness by admiring rare kinds of flora and fauna that exist on Zante island, by visiting Helmis Natural History Museum –located in the beautiful village of Agia Matina. Rocks, minerals, fossils, shells, corals and rare kinds of fish are just a small part of the collection presented here. The museum also offers lots of interactive games that transform learning into fun. A café on the rooftop, is the ideal place for you to relax while admiring the view, after a day exploring the museum’s exhibits.

Roma Mansion

A survivor. The Roma mansion is one of the few buildings that survived the 1953 earthquake of Zante island. A marvelous architectural accomplishment, it stands proud still, giving us the pleasure of exploring a nostalgic trip to the past. The mansion belonged to the Roma family, aristocrats with Venetian roots, who played a significant role in Greek politics. Thus, during your visit you can admire gorgeous portraits, paintings, rare books and impressive furniture.

Monastery Agios Georgios ton Krimnon

Huge pine trees embrace the Monastery of Agios Georgios which is located in the north west of Zakynthos and dates back to the 16th century. When you arrive at this peaceful place, allow yourself a few minutes to admire what the locals believe to be the best view down to the symbolic and picturesque Navagio Beach (the Shipwreck). Yet, there is another reason your visit here is so worthwhile. The monastery’s extensive library –a precious asset then and now- in the past attracted the visitation of many ecclesiastical figures such as Agios Gerassimos, the patron saint of the Kefalionia island.

Agia Mavra Church

Agia Mavra is one of the oldest churches of the island dating from the early 17th century and it is located at the village of Macherado. The fine internal decorations and the collection of wall frescoes and Byzantine icons will amaze you. The centrepiece though–the icon of Saint Mavra- is the one that attracts most of the visitors’ admiration by being an ethereal piece of art that only the artists of the past can shape.

The Venetian belfry of Hypoxanthic is situated next to the church. Its melodious bells can be heard throughout most areas of Zante, filling the island’s spirit with nostalgic sounds.

Askos Stone Park

Askos stone park is a natural gift. Located at the north end of the island, it is a lively exploration of more than 200,000 types of local flora and fauna. Experience the wild life up close by viewing deer, rabbits, squirrels, ponies and turtles strolling around the park. Walk about the stone paths, relax and embrace the pureness of life in nature.

Lagadakia Village

Lagadikia village is situated on the west side of Zakynthos, high up on the mountain slope. The place is the living proof of the 1953 earthquake. Stroll down the little pathways and admire the ancient bell towers standing still amid the rubble of broken stones and collapsed walls. Every corner, every rock, is a living remembrance of the Zante earthquake. Embrace the nostalgia. It is one more gift of Zante to you.

Around The Hotel

You, at the centre. The Lesante is perfectly situated in the buzzing area of Tsivili that unites the energy of locals and new explorers. Whether you seek to become a part of the party-vibe or retreat into tranquility, be sure that the region will satisfy your wishes. The beautiful scenery, a perfect mix of mountainous paths and the spectacular blue of the sea, together with picturesque villages nearby, create carefree days only Greek summertime can offer.

Tsivili and Planos Villages

The village of Tsivili and its beach are just one walk away from your Lesante room. The main road connects the two villages of Tsivili and Planos, meaning the recreation choices on offer doubles! Here you will enjoy shopping therapy time, discovering local artworks at the picturesque boutiques. Also, the area is a favourite among families since it offers a great range of fun activities for people of all ages, such as mini golf, bowling, laser games and bouncing castles.

Most people though, first head to the beach, where the modern beach bars fill the area with relaxing musical melodies while offering creative refreshments. After the daily swim, traditional tavernas welcome the island explorers with delicious local recipes and the stunning view of the sea.


Bochali district, on top of the hill above Zakynthos town, is famous for its stunning view of the island. Daytime offers the colourful image of the houses and local monuments mixing together with nature’s green and the light blue of the sea and the sky. During nighttime, the view becomes even more charming, with the city lights forming a majestic scenery.

Bochali is also a popular spot for night excursions, with bars and cafes buzzing with people, relaxing by the city view.

Tip: If you plan a visit, do not miss out on exploring the church of Zoodochos Pigi. Its antique icons and golden interior will amaze all art lovers.


Kastro -which in Greek means castle- is a Venetian fortress situated above the hill of Bochali. A popular sight among first time explorers of Zakynthos, it is a beautiful heritage of long lost eras. It was built on the ruins of the island’s ancient acropolis, with its construction date estimated to be around 1480, after the Venetian occupation. During the Venetian era Kastro was the island’s capital. Ruined in 1514 by the Turks, Kastro was repaired by the Venetians, yet the earthquakes that challenged it through time, caused extensive damage to its walls.

Recent excavations have brought to light important Byzantine monuments. Today the area has transformed into a beautiful park that is truly worth your time.

Tip: Take a look at the central gate featuring a sculpture of San Marco -the patron saint of Venice.

Lofos Strani

About 2km from the city lies Lofos Strani, a beautiful hill. It is mostly famous for the fact that Solomos, the poet, was inspired to write the Greek national anthem here. According to the local story, Solomos generated the idea of the anthem by listening to the sounds of shooting of the Messologi battle.

The picturesque square which welcomes you is dedicated to Solomos, and offers maybe the most spectacular view of the island.

Tip: Visit the house of Solomos which is located a few metres away from the square. It is preserved in perfect condition and is definitely worth your exploration.


Possibly one of the prettiest regions of Zante island. Akrotiri is the perfect mix of nature’s green and the turquoise waters that Zante is famous for. Tranquility is the key element that rules the area, so choose to explore it during the days you desire a peaceful experience. Stroll around the cypress trees and discover luxurious villas, while experiencing nature’s aromas travelling through the air. Local tavernas can be found nearby, ready to guide you on an exciting tasty journey of local cuisine, after your exploration.


Near the Lesante hotel -at walking distance- is situated the hamlet of Marinaika. Visitors arrange trips here in order to admire the beautiful vineyards that go on and on, forming a spectacular mix of colours that reflect nature’s magnificence.